• We provide a significantly enhanced client experience.
  • Our goal is to bring you peace of mind with your financial affairs.
  • We collaborate with you based on a fiduciary standard.

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At TBH, our goal is to provide our clients peace of mind so they are free to focus more of their time, energy and attention on the things in life that matter most.


Advise: We strive to be your family’s key advisor in all financial matters.
Simplify: Our aim is to simplify the complex issues facing our clients.
Team: We operate collaboratively as a team, devoting our collective intelligence, expertise and passion to the service of every client
Plan: We help our clients define and achieve their goals by creating a structured financial plan that is periodically fine-tuned as time and circumstances require.
Positive: Our objective is to have a positive impact on our clients financial lives.
Relationship: Our independence allows us to fully align our efforts with our clients’ interests, creating a true fiduciary relationship.


Great minds think alike! We collaborate with you, combining our expertise with your knowledge of your financial situation. We are constantly seeking new and better solutions and always seek to drive down the costs of these solutions. We watch your financial situation like a hawk.


You will experience a partnership-style client service model that encompasses all aspects of your financial life and not just one area. As a client of TBH you will have 24/7 access to discuss your financial affairs.


If you are ready for the kind of advisory relationship we have described here, please call our office directly at 615.690.4820 to find out more. There is absolutely no cost or obligation for meeting with one of our advisors.






Plodding wins the race. This is the famous last line of Aesop’s fable “The Hare and the Tortoise.” Not only do we believe plodding wins the race, but history has been a terrific guide in emphasizing this theme. One of the hardest behaviors, however, is having the patience to stick to a plan and not follow the herd in certain times (i.e. dotcom bubble during the late nineties). Understanding that patience and following a plan give us a much greater chance of success we felt TBH would be the perfect company name. In that vein, the symbolism of the turtle became ever apparent in how we work with our clients. Longevity, Blessings, Journeys, Patience, Protection and Wisdom are just a few of the words associated with turtle and resonate in our daily routine. The Advisors of TBH Global Asset Management embody this symbolism and strive to bring clarity to each client’s financial life. A TBH Advisor believes that the more we plan, the higher likelihood of success and peace of mind the client receives.

Too often the word ‘trust’ is abused in our industry. Many times, clients are unaware of the fees they pay and what they are actually invested in. The TBH philosophy believes there should be full transparency between client and advisor and the partnership should be based around a fiduciary standard.

TBH is a Fiduciary. A fiduciary is an individual in whom another has placed the utmost trust and confidence to manage and protect property or money. The relationship wherein one person has an obligation to act for another’s benefit. -dictionary.law.com


Financial Concierge

TBH Global Asset Management helps affluent families become and stay organized as they navigate their financial life. Just as you would contact a concierge at a hotel we urge our clients to contact us regarding any financial matters. Often our clients contact us just so they can be referred to other professionals because they know how we work and the professionals we associate ourselves with. As a client of TBH you will have 24/7 access to discuss your financial affairs. Your experience is of upmost importance to us.


Financial Planning

We believe one of the most important ingredients in an advisory relationship is crafting a highly personalized financial plan. Clients that utilize our services to their full extent are clients who allow us to produce comprehensive financial plan strategies, and do our work towards those planning objectives.

Our job is to learn and discover as much as we can about your desired destination, so we can help construct a plan to get you there. This process starts with a deep dive into your ambitions, desires, needs, and fears. Once your objectives have been established, we focus on mapping out the best route and serve as the guide along the way. Financial planning can range from simple to highly complicated. We understand the personal nature and complexities of financial planning. Our experience and commitment to staying informed give our office the resources needed to develop and execute a plan that’s right for you.


Below are the six areas commonly associated with financial planning. Regardless of occupation or complexity of your situation we can assist in helping you achieve your goals while addressing your concerns.


  • Financial Position
  • Protection Strategies
  • Investment Planning
  • Tax Strategies
  • Retirement Planning
  • Trust and Estate Planning

Investment Management

We don’t have a perfect definition for risk because one does not exists. Risk means different things to different people at different times. You cannot define risk or risk tolerance without first assessing the unique characteristics of the investor in question. Risk is personal.


Control What You Can Control

We are big believers in focusing on what you control as a form of risk management. While we’re never going to be able to perfectly measure risk, one of the best ways to manage risk is to have a comprehensive plan in place. Having a plan doesn’t mean you can eliminate risk altogether. That’s impossible. Taking risk makes sense. You just don’t want to get into the habit or taking unnecessary or unacceptable risks. Now all you have to do is figure out what those unacceptable risks are.


Whether you are accumulating wealth or preserving what you have earned, risk management is the defining principle of our investment philosophy. We view everything through the prism of risk management and the current and future liquidity requirements of our clients. Why? Because risk matters. It is a mathematical fact that losses matter more than gains. We’ve taken this principle to heart and have built our investment philosophy around this point. We take a macro view of the markets and “dial up” or “dial down” risk when the market environment demands action. The goal is to get you where you want to be with the least risk possible.

At the core of each solution is the strategic asset allocation, not just among stocks, bonds, and cash, but other assets as well. Combining the right mix of investments is key to managing risk over the long-term. However, shorter-term tactical shifts are often required to help keep risk in-check, and you on the right path. We insatiably focus on the market environment to determine what the strategy should be moving forward. This process involves searching for opportunities that may not be currently in vogue or dominating the headlines of financial media. We believe the end result is an investment strategy that you feel comfortable with, in both good and bad times. An investment strategy that helps you sleep at night. One that provides you with peace of mind.


The Power of a Dollar

We also spend significant time addressing the most important driver of Investment Management and a term you probably don’t hear that often – Purchasing Power. The real definition of money is “purchasing power.” $1 million, if insufficient to buy a car, is not more desirable than $100 that can buy 50 cars. (Everyone intuitively should know this.) Currency is not money; it is the product used to exchange money. The objective of investing then is not to create or preserve a fixed dollar amount; it is to facilitate the adequate ability to purchase what one wants with their funds. Therefore, to ignore inflation and the real value of money would be financial malpractice.


All of this is done in an unconflicted environment where our fiduciary duty mandates we focus solely on you and your investments.


Risk Management

We will discuss Insurance, Liabilities & Healthcare to name just a few of the risk management items that affect us. Just above, you noticed how many times we discussed risk around managing investments. There is risk in almost everything we do financially. You cannot eliminate risk but you can definitely employ strategies to minimize risk. In nearly every meeting with clients we address risk and always work to achieve the client’s goals while managing risk in the best manner possible.


Behavioral Finance

A central underpinning of classical economic – and investing – theory is that people act rationally to secure outcomes in their best interest. Starting in the mid-1990s, however, research by psychologists and other social scientists has shown that rationality doesn’t always rule. Perhaps because the human brain has difficulty accurately assessing risk and probabilities and because emotions powerfully affect our thinking, people are often irrational in their economic and investing decision-making, usually in specific and predictable ways. Behavioral economics and behavioral finance are the terms used to describe the study and analysis of these newer ways of explaining our financial and economic interactions. It has become an integral part of the discussions we have with clients.


To give you one example of Behavioral Finance, and one that we have all encountered, would be ‘Herd Behavior’. Herd behavior can be defined as the tendency for individuals to mimic the actions (rational or irrational) of a larger group. Individually, however, most people would not necessarily make the same choice.


This was most evident in the late 1990’s when the dot com bubble began. Never before had so many people poured money into internet related companies without knowing anything about their business model. The driving force that seemed to compel these investors to sink their money into such an uncertain venture was the reassurance they got from seeing so many others do the same thing. “Everybody’s doing it and making money, so it must be right.” Herd behavior! Bubbles are the extreme example of herd behavior. Many investors join mini herds and demand the latest hot stock or hot mutual fund. When prices break, other investors will join a herd of sellers. Obviously, herd buying or selling can be injurious to financial health.

“The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The realist adjusts the sails.”

– William A. Ward


The fees our clients pay is for the Wealth Management experience we deliver. We define this as a combination of all the services we listed above. We believe the most important component our clients pay us for is the guidance we provide in difficult market periods (which is different than saying we magically make clients immune from difficult market periods). Advising our clients to avoid the big financial mistakes is worth the entire fee as we see it, and then some. This is not to say that the portfolio management, financial planning and client service are not important – we obsess over these things. However, the unique value-add will always be in behavior modification.

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Our independence and open source platform fosters an enormous network of institutions competing for our clients business. Our structure enables each advisor to employ the top resources available, including research, financial planning capabilities, independent custodians and multiple platforms all fostering a more competitive environment for our clients. Beyond our immediate people here at the office are hundreds of specialists that we work with in and out of the area. From the super complex to the simple, we have the resources to meet and exceed your expectations.

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